Beware Your Anger

Beware of Your Anger

beware of anger

It’s the most dangerous, darkest thing— an unaccountable simmering rage, a bitterness that billows up to bite you when it breathes, that latches on to a body with the fangs of a hydra and the swallowing capabilities of a python. Continue reading


It’s Time

It’s Time

the fab mommy - it's timeWhen I was younger, I remember being late in my classes most of the time.  If I remember it right, school would start very early and I’d have to leave home at 6am – but I was just always late.  I also remember that whenever I have home projects that needs to be submitted – I was always cramming, trying to finish my projects in the last minute!  I really have no idea why I was like that – I just don’t know why. I just realized now that I am a mother that my schedule and “time management” when I was younger is.. well it sucks big time.

When I gave birth to my eldest, I tried to figure out how I can do things for him properly and on a timely manner. See, I was a working mom that time, and I had to leave for work at 8am – so I have to make sure that everything’s prepared for my baby and that I have already bathed and fed him. I tried to organize my time and set schedules trying to fit in everything I can do and prepare in the morning before I leave.  I just have so many things to do – wash the bottles, cook food, wash the dishes, bathe Josh, feed josh and put him to sleep.  Yes, I put him to sleep before I leave, I don’t have to leave him crying to his lungs. Continue reading