World’s Best Talents

the fab mommy world's best talentsA lot of reality TV shows around the world are in search for “best talents”.   Naturally talented people including those that well, uh – trained to have talent squeeze themselves to huge crowd and spend long hours of waiting in long lines just to get a spot on the contest.

Little did we know that each countries have the best talents in their own homes. I know, you’d readily say I’m talking about you. 😀

I am talking about MOMS! Oh yes – I believe that moms are the best talents in the whole world. We are actually “naturals” – we don’t have to be trained for long hours or years to display our talents. Each woman have hidden “ability and artistry” waiting to be unleashed.  Still not conviced?

Natural Singers – Women or moms to be specific begin to unleash the “diva” in them during pregnancy.  Unknowingly they begin to sing anywhere in the house at just anytime of the day! And this singing talent is most loved by their babies – you can feel sudden jerk in tummies because babies just love those songs. What else can make a baby sleep or feel comfortable or even make them feel happy? – a mother’s song that’s right! See mothers are natural singers and no famous singers will ever bring their babies to the best comfort that their mom’s song!

Graceful and versatile dancers – Moms can learn and dance any genre available! From tango, to chacha to modern hiphop! The dance floor is always on! Dancing is one of the most popular Mom-and-kid-talent show in school and mothers’ would readily and joyfully shake their booties off for their kids. A true talent indeed!

Great artists  – Moms are so artistic! Amazingly they can create art from just about anything! They can paint, draw, do crafts, create artistic cakes – children can always count on their moms for help on school art projects!

Top chefs – I always believe that kids are the most serious food critics – they’d tell you right and there – straight to your face when the food is not well “edible” for them… and who else can cook “great food” for them? Moms! Each mom has their own specialties and most famous dish that even when they kids grow up and have their own families,,, that “mommy dish” will always be longed for.

Song writers and sweet poets – Mothers can create the most unique songs and poems for their kids in a jiff and their words are so full of love and care.

Fab designers – Moms just love dressing their kids up for parties and events.  They can create fab costumes for school plays and events.

Are you now convinced that the most talented people in the world are just in your own home? Let me tell you, there are other wonderful things moms can do! My list is just some of the very few talents of a mom. But what empowers them to do these things? – simple – LOVE.

So remember, the special person in your home is one great load of a talent – cheers to us Moms!

What talent have you discovered or was unleashed when you became a mom?
If you’re a daughter/son – what special talents does your mom have?



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