It’s Time

It’s Time

the fab mommy - it's timeWhen I was younger, I remember being late in my classes most of the time.  If I remember it right, school would start very early and I’d have to leave home at 6am – but I was just always late.  I also remember that whenever I have home projects that needs to be submitted – I was always cramming, trying to finish my projects in the last minute!  I really have no idea why I was like that – I just don’t know why. I just realized now that I am a mother that my schedule and “time management” when I was younger is.. well it sucks big time.

When I gave birth to my eldest, I tried to figure out how I can do things for him properly and on a timely manner. See, I was a working mom that time, and I had to leave for work at 8am – so I have to make sure that everything’s prepared for my baby and that I have already bathed and fed him. I tried to organize my time and set schedules trying to fit in everything I can do and prepare in the morning before I leave.  I just have so many things to do – wash the bottles, cook food, wash the dishes, bathe Josh, feed josh and put him to sleep.  Yes, I put him to sleep before I leave, I don’t have to leave him crying to his lungs.

The schedule went on and on, sometimes I had to make some adjustments whenever there are extra things that needs to be done. Upon leaving the office, I was already organizing in my thoughts all the things that I will do and have to accomplish when I get home at night – I was a busy mom indeed!  Weekends have schedules too – everything just have to be done in its specific time and must be accomplished the day it is set – or else I’m doomed – chores will just pile up!

8 years have passed and I got used to my timed movements.  The schedules have been passed and taught to all caregivers and nannies that took care of my 3 children – everything has its own schedule.  There’s specific time for meals, bathing, studying, doing chores, nap, sleep etc.  We are not able to keep up with our time frame 100% – an 80-90 percent will do – at least we do our best to follow.  I don’t think I can’t live without schedules now – for me it’s extremely important!

Why do I think time management / scheduling is important? Here’s my take.

Well #1, it makes life easier – it really does! I mean, since everyone in the household were used to doing thing as scheduled – everything seems like just flowing  – there may be slips and adjustments but that can be handled easily.  My kids grew up knowing when to take a bath, what time they can play, what time they can eat snack and meals – just everything. We don’t have to pull each other to do things.

#2 Early to bed, early to rise – Since my kids went to school, waking them up was never difficult for us. They are used to waking up at 6am! They sleep early so they wake up early – plus they get to have a complete 9-10 hour sleep all night.  – sometimes I wish they would wake late in weekends though – especially when I only got 3 hours of sleep from working late 😀

#3 Discipline – I think discipline becomes one of the most important product of scheduling and it came naturally as one become used to following what’s on the calendar – each of us just wants to be on time.

the fab mommy - it's time#4 Promptness – I guess this one does not need to much explanation.  Just let me share you that my kids were able keep up with their schedules in school – their projects are all submitted on time – even before the deadlines. Wonderful isn’t it?

#5 It becomes a lifestyle –  I strictly impose schedules on most important areas like doing homework, bathing, watching TV, playing computer – some thought that I have become too strict about it. Now, I saw the fruit of sticking to the plan – my kids do their homeworks without being told (enthusiastically!) , they bath before they play, they are able to keep their time in using the computer so that the rest in line can play too (I’ve got 4 kids btw), they know what time to eat and do other things in the house —again, without me having to tell them about it. It just came naturally and they are enthusiastic to do and finish their tasks because they are looking forward to play outside. And whenever we have plans for weekends, they look forward to it and prepares themselves for leaving the house again “on time” – now that’s were me and hubby should keep up with them – we just cannot keep them waiting! 😀

Well, for me keeping up with the calendar has been a very important part of our lives. I thought that if we do not follow specific timetable -things will be in chaos. Though we are not perfect in keeping up with our scheds and sometime we screw up too – we desire to be on time and do our best to keep ourselves on track.  I don’t want to see myself constantly nagging with my kids and tell them to bath, or to do their homework or to study their lessons. I know that someday my kids will reap good from this “timed life” when they grow up.   Some people may think that we’re too “robotic” and too strict.  I thought so too – but then again, we got used to it so there’s no point of not doing things in schedule.  Not that we are running out of time – but I think, it is important to do things at the right time 🙂

How about you, what’s your take on having schedules at home?  Do you set schedules at home too?


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