Hello world!

Oh yeah! Hello world!!!

welcome to the fab mommyAfter months of holding myself back – finally I came to create this blog – The Fab Mommy.

So who’s “The Fab Mommy”? – of course me! and YOU! (if you’re a mommy) ūüėÄ

I am far from perfect or even a great mom – I just don’t see it that way. I have a challenges every single day. I have weaknesses that I wish would be developed and be my strong points very soon. I always look at myself as a very impatient and meanest mommy to my kids. But with God’s grace, I know I’ll be a better mother soon. Nevertheless, I am a fabulous mommy in my own ways. I can be a cool mom who loves fun! I love to cook and bake and satisfy my family’s hungry tummies – these are my own fab mommy things.

I started this blog as I look around and see mothers like me. From my mom, to my aunts, cousins and close friends, I realized how great moms are. While everyone has their flaws and weaknesses. Mothers are still the best. ¬†From housekeeping, taking care of our kids to making our house a great “home”. ¬†Every mom – young or younger have put their hearts on this role, not as a responsibility – but have dedicated their lives to their family because of “love”.

So follow me as I blog about mine and your experiences as a mother Р everything and anything about motherhood Рthe ups and downs and even our favorite things, as we are all fab mamas.


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